Capacity Bridging

In 2021 we initiated our first capacity bridging program. We currently offer training for actors working on Lesvos in other capacities, such as providing medical, educational, or sanitation services, to strengthen their understanding of the legal and protection context, safeguarding policies and other best practices. We connect the participants with essential information, knowledge and resources that we believe can positively impact their projects or communities.

Our workshops are based on the idea of reciprocity, a model that recognizes and works to ‘bridge’ diverse forms of knowledge between different actors intervening in refugee support services in Lesvos to achieve a more holistic and collaborative outcome. In the last four months, 200 field workers including people working in medical, WASH, shelter and protection organizations attended our workshops.

We also participate in panels, conferences and seminars in universities, unions and other institutions to raise awareness in the community and inform stakeholders on the challenges faced by asylum seekers in Europe. In the last months, we have presented at Harvard Law School, University of Oxford, University of Pennsylvania, TEDx London, among others. Our staff frequently appear in radio, TV and print media to provide expert legal perspectives.