Legal Information

In a context of ever-changing regulations, policies and practices, accessing legal information is crucial in alleviating the stress and uncertainty inherent in the asylum process. In Lesvos, asymmetry of information is the rule, and made worse by language barriers. According to a survey conducted by Fenix of people that arrived in Lesvos and were interviewed in 2021, only 25% received any kind of information before their asylum interview (1). 90% of those surveyed, expressed their wishes to have had access to info from a qualified actor before their interview.

1This information is based on a survey conducted on 25% of the new arrivals of January-March 2021.

We provide individual and group information sessions

Our Information Team consists of international and national lawyers, legal experts and assistants. This team provides individual and group information sessions to advise people on their rights and obligations under Greek, European and International law, with a specific focus on the different stages of the procedure, especially the asylum interview.

At Fenix, we have an "Open Door Policy": During our open clinic hours, asylum seekers and refugees can come in and register for an information session or mini-consultation, where they can ask specific questions about the procedure or request help in understanding some documents they received from the authorities. We also provide support with translation of identification documents, interview transcripts and decisions, with the aim of reducing the language barriers, by enabling people to access their own data in a language familiar to them.