Legal Representation

While the attention of the local press and international media has been primarily focused on the undignified refugee camps and the dreadful conditions on the Greek hotspots, the procedural and rights violations that asylum-seekers experience throughout the asylum process are less reported. In reality the gaps in the asylum process mirror those of the horrifying reception conditions, resulting in prolonged violations of other basic rights.

We represent the most vulnerable clients in all stages of the asylum procedure

Greek lawyers working in non-profit organizations in Lesvos have an extremely limited capacity, having to turn most of the people that request legal support. Registry lawyers provided by the State only intervene in cases that have been rejected at the first instance; for which the overturn rate in 2019 was 4%.

Our team of Greek attorneys represent our clients in all stages of the asylum procedure. We accompany them to their interviews and present objections to ensure their rights are respected. The team represents rejected cases before the Independent Appeals Authority and national Courts, as well as detention and return cases before other administrative bodies. Our Greek lawyers also represent civil and criminal cases, especially in cases of sexual and gender based violence.

We also report on procedural violations and human rights violations, and take the relevant legal actions to guarantee that vulnerable clients can access reception conditions adequate to their specific needs, medical and psychological attention, and -when applicable- vulnerability certification prescribed by national law.