Varvara Kefalidou

MHPSS Coordinator, Mental Health Team
🇬🇷 Greek

Varvara Kefalidou is a Greek licensed Psychologist, holding a bachelors degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and she is currently finishing her four years of training in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Living and studying in Thessaloniki, she started getting involved with local NGOs in order to support psychosocially the asylum seekers arriving in the city since 2018. When she graduated she moved on Samos and later on Lesbos in order to be able to provide psychosocial support in refugees and asylum seekers who fled their countries of origin in the overcrowded Reception and Identification centers of the Greek islands. As a mental health aid worker she has worked in the field of child protection, providing psychosocial support to UAMs and children and families at risk and with adults who are survivors of gender based violence and torture survivors, LGBTQI+ individuals, single mothers and single men on an individual and group level. Part of her experience is designing and implementing MHPSS projects in the most cultural appropriate way.

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