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The vision of Fenix is to promote and advocate for a more equitable European asylum process that treats individuals with dignity, upholds their rights and offers them the knowledge and agency to navigate their own lives.

We seek to replace charity with empowerment.


With our holistic approach we consider the particular needs and
skills of each client, we empower them by acknowledging their individuality, and
we offer them tools to navigate a very complicated procedure and build a new life in a safe country.

F I E L D   &   R E M O T E  T E A M S



Our field team is based on the island of Lesvos, Greece. It combines lawyers, psychologists, translators & community ambassadors, who work together to provide general information and assistance to refugees.


We provide information to refugees about their rights under international law, help present family reunification claims, assist with interview preparation, and facilitate the acquisition of documents and medical and psychological assessments. 


As part of our daily work in the field, we help refugees navigate the day-to-day frustrations that are part of the often-changing asylum process.

Our remote research and human rights teams assist our field volunteers by providing high quality investigative reports on countries of origin and the state of affairs on the ground. They draft policy & legal reports on human rights instruments and obligations and engage a network of partner NGOs to stay apprised of changes in laws and regulations and to provide advocacy for our clients. 

C O M M U N I T Y    A M B A S S A D O R S

As legal actors we are only an instrument for refugees to attain their basic rights and begin their lives in a safe country. Therefore, our main aim is to empower the refugee communities and allow them to advocate for their own rights.

Community ambassadors are trained and informed members of the refugee community that address the confusion caused by the bureaucracy and enforced by language barriers. They disseminate up-to-date information to their communities within the refugee camps and act as liaisons between FENIX volunteers and the refugee community. 

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