About us

Replacing charity with empowerment

Our vision

A just and equitable European asylum system that acknowledges asylum seekers' agency, upholds their rights, and offers them the tools and the information they need to navigate the procedure and build a new life in a safe country.

Our mission is twofold

Holistic Legal Aid

We provide our clients with the information and tools they need to navigate the asylum process while supporting their individual needs with medical and psychosocial case management, mental health services, and legal representation, with an approach focused on empowerment.

More justice and equality

We advocate for a fairer and more equitable asylum system through capacity building of the NGO and refugee community, general community engagement, advocacy, monitoring and reporting rights violations and strategic litigation.

Our values


Working in a complex setting demands the ability to efficiently and effectively handle change. At Fenix, we are constantly developing new strategies to tailor our services to the needs of our clients and maximize the impact of our work.


In the context of an asylum system that has been designed to treat asylum seekers as beneficiaries instead of agents with responsibility and decision-making power, we believe in information and knowledge as tools for agency.


We strive to deliver our service at the highest quality. Therefore, our work is guided by ethical and professional standards,  policies and a Code of Conduct, and provided by highly skilled and trained staff.


We recognize the situation of vulnerability our clients are in, and the additional adverse effects this context can have on clients as well as staff. Our teams are trained on trauma-informed service provision, with the aim of preventing retraumatization and secondary trauma.

A multidisciplinary team

We combine experience in international, European and refugee law, psychology, social work, anthropology, gender, cultural mediation, child protection, trafficking, FGM, advocacy and communications, human rights and women's rights and field work in refugee camps worldwide.

Greek Board of Directors



USA Board of Trustees