Holistic Legal Aid Package

Holistic legal aid is at the very heart of what we stand for here at Fenix. With this package, you support a comprehensive service including legal, mental health, and protection services.
€ 100,00 EUR
Ten donations €100, enable us to provide full holistic legal aid for one of our clients
About the Holistic Legal Aid Package
Legal representation, on its own, is not enough to provide access to a dignified asylum system. With mental health and psychological support in the form of group sessions and individual counseling, and a protection team who advocates for people to receive the services they need, our services seek to not only ensure a just outcome for those navigating the asylum process, but also to equip people with resources, tools and information. In doing so, our clients are empowered to make their own decisions and access their rights, as we remove the barriers that prevent them from having real and effective access to the right to seek asylum. By choosing this package, you are choosing multidisciplinary, integrated legal aid.