Legal Package

With this package, you choose legal representation, as is every person’s fundamental right.
€ 50,00 EUR
To provide complete legal representation for one client, we need 13 people to make a donation of €50
About the Legal Package
With this package, you support our central mission. In a context of ever-changing regulations, policies and practices, accessing legal information is crucial in alleviating the uncertainty inherent to the asylum process. In Greece, asymmetry of information is the rule, with bureaucratic barriers preventing many asylum seekers from accessing the information necessary to effectively access their rights, a phenomenon made worse by language barriers. In a survey conducted by Fenix of people that arrived in Lesvos and were interviewed in 2021, only 25% of respondents received any kind of information before their asylum interview, whilst 90% of those surveyed, expressed their wishes to have had access to info from a qualified actor before their interview. For our clients the work of Greek lawyers is crucial, as they can navigate the Greek asylum system like no other.This is why we offer our clients full legal representation by a Greek lawyer throughout all stages of the asylum procedure.