Mental Health Package

Support our mental health and psychological support team in delivering a holistic plan of action for the wellbeing of our clients.
€ 25,00 EUR
With five donations of €25 we can provide an entire mental health plan for a client
About the Mental Health Package
For people seeking refuge in Greece, violence in transit or in their countries of origin, coupled with undignified living conditions and intense uncertainty surrounding the asylum process means that severe mental health challenges are incredibly common. In this context, we are convinced that a simplistic approach to legal aid in a humanitarian crisis is insufficient and dehumanizing. Our mental health and psychological support team supports our clients by delivering a plan of action including individual and group sessions as well as emergency stabilisation and psychiatric care for those experiencing acute mental health crises. Moreover, Fenix organises regular support groups for women and interpreters from the refugee community, aiming at creating a sense of community and providing participants with self-help tools for everyday coping and empowerment. With this package, you are choosing to support mental health and improving the wellbeing of our clients.